War and Peace 2012

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War and Peace 2012

As we approach the “2012 Moment” of December 21 to 23, many feel the potential exists for new beginnings based on the birth of a ‘New Humanity’. The concept is that our rapidly increasing new knowledge and the information and communication technologies which enable widespread connection, communication and collaboration amongst people worldwide has essentially created a new kind of human being. That is an empowered human being who can access all our accumulated knowledge directly and then connect with like-minded people anywhere in the world to collaboratively implement positive change.

I share that belief and further believe that this is our greatest hope if humanity is to survive and thrive into the later decades of this 21st Century. However, to do so we must apply our new knowledge and ability to align and act together powerfully at grassroots levels around the world to address the terrible scourges that have afflicted humanity since the beginning of our civilizations some 10,000 years ago. The worst among these and the most destructive by any measure is the endless scourge of War of course.

Let me say clearly that in my view anyone who today claims that more guns, bombs and missiles are going to bring about peace and stability in the World either suffers from insanity or an intentional blindness to all of human history.

Human history in this regard is simply this – ongoing periods of war and peace from the  beginning of civilization until the present. Peace usually only happens when one of the combatants in a war or conflict is either utterly destroyed, both are, or all are. Then when the combatants recover sufficiently (if they ever do) they do it again either with the same “enemy” or a different one. We have been trapped in this endless cycle of destruction and recovery forever so far. It’s pretty clear how we get out of it. We have to finally stop it and stop it now! Enough is enough!

There is absolutely no other choice if we hope to survive even two more human generations. We’ve got much bigger problems today such as Climate Change then to fight each other with the horrendous modern cost of such destruction.

In 2012 the estimated Annual World Expenditure on Military and Armaments will reach another world’s record of over $1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS!! Nearly 45% of that amount is being expended by the USA. While a fraction of this obscene amount of collective human wealth and resources, perhaps 10 to 15% annually, could possibly solve most of our most serious global concerns such as Poverty, Hunger, AIDS, Climate Change, etc.

This figure also only represents direct military expenditures. There is much more spent in indirect military support, related Foreign Aid, etc., and of course the terrible cost to human society and the Earth from active conflicts and Wars. There are currently over 40 Wars and conflicts ongoing on Planet Earth and a number of these began shortly after WW2 and have never been resolved!

While as we all know now, the power of our weapons today (nuclear, biological, chemical, electro-magnetic) can now easily destroy us and all Life on Earth many times over. Anyone who doesn’t see that is either intentionally blind or insane. What other answer can there be with 10,000 years of direct evidence now in? War does not result in long-term peace ever. It never has.

Accordingly any nation that expects its use of weapons to bring about Peace is clearly acting in a sociopathic way as all National political leaders certainly know history or should! Sociopathy is defined in an individual as: a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others featuring a gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules and obligations; a very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence; and an incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience.

This definition applies equally well to nations in my view and can therefore be termed “national insanity” as almost every nation and most of its peoples hold this view on the role of War today. Accordingly, humanity now suffers from a “global insanity” driven by those “at the top” with the masses following the leaders. Our “leaders” are simply modern-day “Pied Pipers” in this regard, leading us to ultimate self-destruction. That’s where this path will take us without a shadow of a doubt.

Our only real hope for a positive future for our children, or any future at all, is to now come together as truly global citizens transcending cultures, religions and national borders, but not negating them in any way.

To begin we must utilize our new web-based tools and platforms for information gathering, connection and collaboration to first agree upon a set Universal Values, Principles and Ethics universally agreed upon, based on 80 to 90% of the global public (or a scientifically accepted sampling) being in consensus. And also to include the values that are found in all our Religions and thus are “divinely inspired” by definition.

The next step then must be effective and widespread Action on all fronts to implement the obvious Global Societal Goals that result from this process as we co-design the New World we all desire to manifest and live in for ourselves and all future generations. If so we will live up to our highest potential as Humankind which is to live lives modeling the highest attributes of our Creator as expressed in our sacred books and earthly emissaries such as Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and the other founders of our religious traditions.

I close this blog on War and Peace at this critical moment of crossroads for Humanity with a poem that I wrote in 2003 as a satirical ode to the “leaders” of our world today in the wake of 911. This world today is what I call the “Doctor Strangelove World” for those who remember that classic film from the 1960’s. My poem is called “Masters of the 21st Century”. Click here for the poem.

The follow up to this blog will be available next Monday December 17th and will be called “Hope for Humanity”. Blessings All.


  1. With respect to your call for articulating “Global Societal Goals,” I recommend the “Global Ethic Document,” introduced at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 1993. Here is the site:


    Then, to match you poem for poem, David, here’s one of mine that supposes the next state of human evolution to birth “Homo Noeticus,” with a nod to Ervin Laszlo:


    Thank you for your wise initiative, this blog.

    • Thanks very much for your comment and valuable resource additions Alan!

  2. David

    I think you need to include in this evaluation Buckminster Fuller’s thesis that, so far in history, it was wars that brought the advances in technology that we now pin our hopes to. There is no question that the recent economic ascent of Israel, for example (“the Start up Nation) is largely due to high-tech startups by guys who had their training in the military technologies. But, as Bucky pointed, this way of development is no longer neccessary. Innovators can find opportunities in the “livingry” civic sphere, rather than in the “killingry” technologies. This is the way to explore.

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