Unifying Science & Spirit – The 4th Hermetic Principle of Polarity

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Unifying Science & Spirit – The 4th Hermetic Principle of Polarity

This week’s blog in this series we look at the 4th Hermetic Principle – The Principle of Polarity which states: “Everything is Dual. Everything has Poles. Everything has its pair of opposites. Like and unlike are the same. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet. All truths are but half-truths. All paradoxes may be reconciled.”

This great wisdom reveals the major role Polarity plays in our reality. It is a fundamental element of our Cosmos as later understood by modern Science thousands of years after this Hermetic Principle was first expressed.

The following are what I consider the main aspects on the role of Polarity in our reality as uncovered by science over the last 100 years or so:

Everything we can see in our Cosmos is made of Matter of which there is only one type which are described as atoms and molecules, and the quantum subatomic particles or quarks that make them up.  Particles have their polar opposites called Anti-Particles which have the same mass but an opposite charge. For example, the Anti-Particle of the Electron is the positively charged Anti-Electron, or Positron. And Matter has it’s corresponding opposite called Anti-Matter. Antimatter is material composed of Anti-Particle, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge and other particle properties such as  Lepton and Baryon number. (An excellent brief overview article on Anti-Matter as well as Dark Matter can be found here.)

Further, Matter at the subatomic level exhibits either behaviour as either a Particle or a Wave which are essentially dual and opposite behaviours as well. This paradox is known in Science as the Wave-Particle Duality.

The main thing to understand is that subatomic particles are what makes up all matter in our Cosmos, including ourselves,and that by its very nature each elementary particle has an associated opposite anti-particle. Thus Polarity is fundamental to our reality just as Thoth/Hermes described millennia ago. That’s truly amazing!

Next let’s look at the concepts of Self-Organization & Entropy in the behaviour of energetic and physical systems. “Self-Organization is a basically a process of Evolution where the effect of the environment is minimal, i.e. where the development of new, complex structures takes place primarily in and through the system itself. A Self-Organizing system which also decreases its thermodynamic entropy must necessarily (because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics) export (“dissipate”) such Entropy to its surroundings.”

In simpler terms, I would describe Self-Organization as the Universal process of creation while Entropy is the Universal process of destruction. While the driver is the level of Energy accessible to the system.  When Energy is constant or increasing, complex organisms such as human beings and systems such as eco-systems emerge. When Energy is reduced or dissipating the complex organisms or systems break down. Thus Self-Organization and Entropy, both fundamental aspects of our Cosmos, are also polar opposites in their effects.

Now let’s consider how the ever-present energetic dynamic of Polarity plays out in human and societal matters. We have all heard of the “Chinese philosophical concept of Yin/Yang , often called “yin and yang”, which is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Many natural dualities, such as male and female, light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, water and fire, life and death, and so on, are thought of as physical manifestations of the Yin/Yang concept.”

Just as the core nature of the Cosmos is dual and paired opposites so is human nature and the nature of our societies which are simply aggregates of our individual human attributes. This is fully borne out when looking at human language, as our respective words and terms about human nature, emotions and behaviours such as good/evil, love/hate, greed/ altruism, conflict/cooperation etc. are perfectly paired opposites. Every such descriptive word or term has its Antonym in the Dictionary of course!

Finally, I would like to direct you to the writing I called Universal Duality when it first came to me back in 1995. It sets out “Essential Principles of the Nature of Energy/Matter and Human Nature”, as well as positing a method to achieve individual and societal success based on a deep understanding of the energy dynamics inherent in polarity paired-opposites. This is a summary of some of the statements made in that document:

“Inherent duality and mirror symmetry are woven into the very fabric of the Universe and, thus, into reality itself. Every sub-atomic particle has an associated anti-particle, another particle with the same mass but with all charges opposite. In addition, at this sub-atomic level, Matter/Energy also exhibits the aspect or behavior of either Particle or Wave depending on the particular circumstances of measurement. Particles and Anti-Particles are identical or symmetrical in every respect except for their electrical charges which are opposite, i.e., either positive or negative charge. At this level, particles also have a “wave function” – they can behave like waves. Particle behavior is energy acting as a tiny, pointed entity that can be visualized as a tiny pin-point or “micro-bullet” and causing direct effects when striking a surface. Whereas, a wave is, antithetically, a wide energy-pattern which creates broad interference patterns when interacting with an entity or surface. Thus, the manifestation of energy as either particle/anti-particle or particle/wave behavior is a manifestation of two polar opposite or “mirror symmetrical” behaviors and effects.”

I must admit that I didn’t actually “write it” as such but rather “received it”. I wrote the information down initially and then added to it myself. To be clear I have no specific scientific background or expertise.  However, the information contained therein is powerful and in complete harmony with the hermetic Principle of Polarity and other Hermetic Principles. It was also long before I first read the Kybalion in 2009.

I suggest that the Principles set out in Universal Duality can provide a framework for individual and global societal success that will work much more effectively then the growing chaos we are witnessing today. They are based on a much deeper understanding of the core nature of our Cosmos and the energy dynamics at constant play at every level of our reality. And they are in perfect alignment with the 7 Hermetic Principles set out on the Kybalion!

My next blog will be the final one in this “Unifying Science & Spirit” blog series which will consider the 5th, 6th and 7th Hermetic Principles, along with an overview of what I believe  it means to us today.

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