The People

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The People

First there was the Earth.

From the Earth came Life.

From Life came The People.


The People lived in harmony with the Earth and Life for countless millennia.

One day from The People came Man.

Man was of The People but also was not.


The People had always roamed far and wide to find food and shelter but Man did not.

The People always believed themselves to be of the Earth but Man did not.

The People had always lived within the boundaries of nature but Man would not.


Man rose from The People to conquer everything he could see.

The numbers of Man grew until he reached the farthest corners of the Earth.


One day Man looked around himself.

He saw that The People were almost gone from the Earth.

He saw that the Earth and Life itself were dying.


Man knew what he had done and was afraid.

Man had brought Earth, Life, and The People to the edge of destruction.

He had tried to separate himself from the great web of life.


Man awoke.

He knew that he must live in harmony with the Earth and Life.

He knew that he must again live within the boundaries of nature.

This Man did.

The Earth, Life, The People and Man were again One.

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