Leaders and Leadership in 2013 – Part 4

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Leaders and Leadership in 2013 – Part 4

This Monday April 22nd was Earth Day 2013.  The modern onslaught on Mother Nature to serve the exponential needs of humanity continues full force despite what we now know or should know. So much of nature, which is of course our children’s shared heritage, has been used up or destroyed over only the past hundred years. Click here for a recent review of what humanity can expect in the coming decades from former Chief Scientific Officer to the UK Government, Sir John Beddington.

I had planned that this blog would be the final one in the series but had written so much that there will still be one more to come. This blog continues with analysis, diagnosis and prognosis of humanity’s prospects and the kind of “leadership” that the world is witnessing today. The next and final one will present a hoped for and hopeful path to shift the current situation before it is too late.

I’ve further now given this blog series a  sub-heading which is:  The Truth Shall Set Us Free. (It is of course an extension of the famous words spoken by Jesus in John 8:32:  “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”) Telling the truth as we see it and know it is one of the most important things we can do on behalf of humanity’s future  today.

Let’s begin by reviewing the state of today’s world as I’ve outlined in the previous blogs in this series, and ask ourselves this question: “Will the ultimate legacy of our species be Homo sapiens, as we have hopefully named ourselves, or Homo ignoramus, the species we act like more often then not, and which eventually destroyed human life and all life on Earth”? Unfortunately this is the path we are presently solidly on and we may have only 10 years or so to shift in a very major way in my way view.

To recap, these are the major human-caused threats to our civilization and survival before humanity today, which led Ervin Laszlo and myself to co-draft the State of Global Emergency Declaration in the fall of 2008:

Climate Change
Nuclear War
Population Explosion
Diminishing Natural Resources
Destruction of Eco-Systems
Breakdown of existing Global Systems for Finance; Security; Food, etc.

My prognosis as a ‘world futurist’ today, if we continue on our current self-destructive path, is more of the same only accelerated and on an even larger destructive scale. That is to say there will be more armed conflicts, more terrorism, more wars, greater wealth disparity, more ecosystem destruction and degradation, more government by and for the elites, etc. That is what all the major negative trends show and they reinforce each other ongoingly through feedback interaction between them.

There are of course also major positive trends but they are still evolving and may not do so in sufficient time to avert the worst-case scenarios we face. Below is some new information that will powerfully highlight this statement.

I’ve repeated the following statement a number of times in my blogs: “In 2012 the estimated Annual World Expenditure on Military and Armaments will reach another world’s record of over $1.5 Trillion Dollars! Nearly 45% of that amount is being expended by the USA. While a fraction of this obscene amount of collective human wealth and resources, perhaps 10 to 15% annually, could possibly solve most of our most serious global concerns such as Poverty, Hunger, AIDS, Climate Change, etc. according to the United Nations”. (From a previous blog War and Peace 2012 )

However I was wrong! The World’s governments under our glorious “leaders’ actually spent $1.75 TRILLION USD on direct military expenditures in 2012 according to the latest report! And in accordance with ongoing trends today, that annual figure will of course be higher in 2013, 2014, 2015 ,etc., and that by the end of the decade alone the total spent of humanity’s collective wealth on weapons and wars, and thus the destruction of people and the Earth, could well be over $20 Trillion in those ten short years. That’s $20,000,000,000,000 dollars! Now that’s a figure that should make us all very proud right? I’m not sure if this figure is correct as my calculator doesn’t go that high numerically but my estimate is that will have been at least $2,500 for every man, women and child alive on the Earth by the end of the decade. That’s truly a most obscene situation and represents a complete and total failure of world leadership today.

Societies awash in guns, missiles, bombs, and cultures of violence can never be peaceful or safe, and there are very few that aren’t today. Violence always begets violence. That’s been proven interminably throughout human history yet we appear unable or at least unwilling to collectively learn that lesson. At least when driven by unchecked greed for money and power in the domination paradigm we continue to suffer under as the people of the world.

Now let’s add all of the above to the ongoing scourges of our modern world being massive corruption, religious fundamentalism, terrorism, drug abuse, gang wars, violence in streets and schools, domestic abuse, the adulation of violence in popular culture, pornography, modern slavery, sex trafficking, etc. The picture therefore gets even darker. It makes one want to get off this planet but there’s no where else to go of course. This is it!

That brings us to Ervin Laszlo’s concept of “The Chaos Point” which was presented in his recent book Chaos Point 2012. Applying Systems Theory, in particular Chaos Theory, to the global situation Ervin Laszlo provides a comprehensive analysis of the world at The Chaos Point — that window in which minor fluctuations in human action could make the world succumb to destabilizing forces or break through to new stability. Chaos theory examines particular systems that are destabilized in order to locate an underlying order within random fluctuations. The Chaos Point is reached when a system reaches its limits of stability and becomes unusually responsive to small fluctuations which can flip the system towards devolution and breakdown or to higher self-organization and breakthrough. Therefore when society becomes critically unstable as our global society is now, it must ultimately flip one way or the other, based upon these scientific principles.

Therefore the choice before humanity now is devolution in which societal rigidity and lack of foresight at the top lead to unsustainable stresses and the world degenerates into global anarchy and violence and thus a new Dark Age or worse. Or our collective choice could be evolution in which new thinking and actions evolve in sufficient time thus shifting the world upward towards greater adaptability and flexibility. With such positive change the result is that the economic, political and ecological aspects of our systems become stabilized in the new mode.

Based on this scientifically-based information, humanity is now at an evolutionary crossroads where we can either devolve towards untenable disaster or become the gateway to a new epoch of planetary development and the birth of a radically new kind of consciousness based upon evolved human values and the implementation of the respective new global societal systems.

Which path would you choose – breakdown or breakthrough? The answer is obvious of course and there’s no longer any middle ground possible. Our world will go one way or the other and that choice is our generations to make whether we accept that responsibility to future generations or not.

The good news of The Chaos Point is that all our dysfunctional and corrupt global systems are now in the process of collapse. The bad news is that it will likely take a huge toll on humanity even threatening very survival of our species unless a massive world shift takes place and soon.

What are the prospects of such a massive and urgent shift happening in time which I believe must be within the next 10 years at most or it will no longer matter to the outcome? My view is this is where the key elements of societal leaders and leadership come in critically and powerfully.

Truly ‘wise leadership’ is urgently needed now for humanity’s future and it will not come from the existing world leadership, either political or corporate. And of course there is no distinction between political and corporate leadership in today’s world in almost every country. They are now one ‘elite’ with the sole mission of maintaining an unsustainable status quo and represent only themselves not their people. Nor will it come from the religious leaders of our divided and constantly warring religious traditions.

Returning to a key point that I made in the previous part of this blog series; “Oligarchy, plutocracy, militarism and fascism are all historically and currently closely linked with the concept of Empire and the overwhelming desire of one nation or people to dominate other nations and peoples based on conquest for resources, racism, religious conflict, etc. Regardless of the stated or unstated rationals provided publicly, it is a historic pattern of domination based on an “us and them” ideology which divides peoples and enables wars of massive aggression and often genocide.”

There is an Empire in the world today as we know but clearly the “Empire Wears No Clothes”. It’s ‘Right over Might’ the same today as in the time of the Roman Empire and all Empires throughout history.  The resulting world today is a ‘mobster world’ driven by absolute allegiance to money and power regardless of how many innocents die or are killed to perpetuate it. The Age of Empires must now end forever to be replaced by the legitimate evolution of a global governance system for all the world’s people or humanity will be ultimately doomed to the breakdown scenario of the Chaos Point, which may be a total civilizational collapse and within only 20 years from now.

The existing Nation-State system can also never serve our future. It was created for an old world not today’s world with the massive global challenges humanity now faces.  We desperately need new governance systems and leaders who act in service to humanity and our shared future.

Finally on this point, the core message of essentially all our religious traditions is Love, Brotherhood and Sisterhood and the Golden Rule as we all know. Yet uncounted millions have died in the name of religion over the millennia. The question is why. My answer is that religions divide humanity because they all claim to be the “one true holder of divine truth” and feel obliged to impose that “truth” on the rest of humanity. And now we live in a nuclear-armed world. We can’t afford this age-old “us and them” dynamic any longer. Humanity will not survive it.

There is now a wide chasm in today’s world between the “leaders” and the people. The “leaders” are going one way while the people are by and large going in the opposite direction. It appears that power does indeed corrupt and total power corrupts absolutely as has been said many times before in history. This is another unsustainable present reality that can no longer continue into the future indefinitely.

Lastly, for this summary assessment of our current world, I want to raise these further  points about the developments in our world over the last 40 years or so turning multi-faceted human beings solely into “Consumers”, the patenting and private ownership of humanity’s shared genetic heritage, and the domination of “Neoliberal” economic policies being adopted globally since the mid-1970’s.

These ideological and failed policies led to a major powershift to the business/corporate sector and then the national political structures serving those interests primarily and no longer their citizens. And of course the controlled media cheerleaders who assure the world’s people that there was ‘no other way but this way’ which is now totally the wrong way of course as proven by the financial crash of 2008 and the ongoing collapse of our global financial system now. Printing money and bail-outs to avoid that collapse are the order of the day. Again ultimately unsustainable and therefore must collapse no matter how many “fingers are in the dike”.

The concept of the “common good” has accordingly all but disappeared today as has the concept of political leaders representing the people. I recommend the following interview of author John Ralston Saul  on The Collapse of Globalism for further details. http://www.youtube.com/watchfeature=player_embedded&v=90UAEtt0ta8#at=13

In addition, here are some major “News Stories” from the past week to prove the point:

Boston Marathon Bombing

US Senate Votes Down Gun Control Measures

US Senate Panel Passes Resolution to Commit America to War against Iran if Israel Attacks in “Self-Defense”

US Director of National Intelligence testifies before a Senate Committe that Iran Still Not Building Nukes

North Korean Missile Launch a Possibility

What a world we’ve created! Insanity seems to rule! The US Senate items are absolutely unbelievable to any rational mind.

Here are other related facts about today’s world. In this month of April 2013, the number of Countries involved in Wars is 60, while the number of Militias / Guerrillas and Separatist groups involved in armed conflicts is 395. And pretty much all the arms to support these wars and armed conflicts are provided by the “leading” G8 countries of course.

Another job well done by our “leaders”! In addition to the fact that our nations are now oligarchies and plutocracies driven by militarism and fascist tendencies, the hallmark of the world’s major leaders today are unconscionable attitudes of moral superiority where none exists, hypocrisy and double standards vis-a-vis their perceived enemies (and the definition of enemies changes quite often!) willingness to bomb poor countries who can’t respond regardless of how many innocents are killed, not seriously addressing the immediate and longer-term threats to humanity, self-service and representing only the elites and never the people. Humanity is clearly in a very bad state today.

To close this blog part of this series I share a quote of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in an address before the American Society of Newspaper Editors 60 years ago. President Eisenhower was of course also Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in WWII:  “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone; it is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

Truer words have never been spoken! And paraphrasing a powerful statement from a recent speech of Noam Chomsky: “Future historians, if there are any, would be searching for answers as to how the wealthiest of humanity at this time ran, not walked, the world into civilizational catastrophe with eyes wide open for what appeared to be the sole interests of their personal profits and gain, not even considering the fate of their own children and grandchildren.”

This very sadly is our world as it is at this time and is likely to be tomorrow until we reach the wall which will be an evolutionary dead-end for humanity. That’s where we are solidly headed and have been for decades.

Is there still a ray of light, of hope, in our darkening world? I believe that there is indeed hope, only one hope but a major one. I will present what I believe this hope for humanity to be and the needed path in the now final blog of this series on world leadership in today’s world. The positive side of The Chaos Point is the corresponding “Window of Opportunity” it now presents us with. And once again “The Truth Shall Set Us Free”!

I’ve also included below a number of additional Truth-teller references below. I honour these very courageous men and women who speak the truth for the benefit of humanity in these times.


Further References

Articles accessed on the web this week as well as recommended key books by some courageous truth-tellers:

Paul Craig Roberts – If you Want to go to Heaven, You had Better get Busy Overthrowing Syria. 

Stephen Lendman – America’s War on Islam 2.0 

Ron Paul – Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty

Ralph Nader – Comfortable with Bush’s Inferno

Chrystia Freeland – Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else, Penguin Press HC, (October 2012)

Ronald Wright – A Short History of Progress, Da Capo Press (March 2005)

John Perkins –  The Secret History of the American Empire, Plume; Reprint edition (April 2008)

Noam Chomsky – Profit Over People: Neoliberalism & Global Order, Seven Stories Press (September 2011)


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