Leaders and Leadership in 2013 – Final Part

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Leaders and Leadership in 2013 – Final Part

Before getting into the content of this final blog in the Leaders and Leadership 2013 blog series, I’d like to set out what I am trying to accomplish with this series and the other blogs I’ve written and will continue to write. What I’m trying to do is share my thoughts about the state of humanity today and where we urgently need to go from here to avoid an impending civilizational collapse in our lifetimes and move towards a peaceful and sustainable world and future, after over 25 years of related ‘world futures’ research, study and writings. In doing so I am assuming that the dream and goal of a peaceful and sustainable world is shared collectively by humanity. From where we are today, it appears that we must move quickly towards such a world or we may have no world at all. This is no longer a utopian dream as in past millennia but is today an urgent reality.

Further, I am someone who always tries to view issues holistically from the broadest possible perspective recognizing that everything in this World and indeed the Cosmos is fundamentally connected and interdependent. In addition to this integral view I am also trying to paint a picture of today’s World and humanity’s immediate prospects from a ‘bird’s eye’ perspective. We lose our perspective when we are engaged in the actual situation. Therefore, such overview perspectives are essential for our short and longer-term future in helping to provide a map and path for the way ahead. These blogs are my contribution in this regard.

Let’s now begin the final part of this “Leaders and Leadership 2013” with the ‘bottom-line’ of my analysis, diagnosis and prognosis of the state of humanity and our world today, as presented over the previous four blogs.

The major hallmark of humanity over our civilizational history to date has been the belief that ‘Might Makes Right’ and the exploitation and domination of nature and other human beings has been the ongoing ‘modus operandi’ to implement that belief from the top down. Societal “leaders” whether “elected” or brought to power through violence or coup, etc. then control their society’s advanced technologies, police and military forces and thus means of enforcing their will whether ethically “Right” or not. Historically there does not appear to have been any society since civilization first appeared some 7,500 years ago where the “leader” or “leaders” haven’t ultimately abused those powers for the personal gain of themselves and their families, societal class, etc.

Nothing much has changed with this reality today except that our technologies have now developed to the point where our “leaders” can through either their actions or inaction end up destroying our civilization and much of life on Earth either through nuclear war or the warming of the global climate to a further 3 degrees Celsius over the current global average temperature. Either scenario will likely mean the end of our civilization or worse.

Will the ultimate legacy of our species be Homo sapiens, as we have hopefully named ourselves, or Homo ignoramus, the species we act like more often then not, and which eventually destroyed human life and all life on Earth? Unfortunately this is the path we are presently solidly on and we may have only 10 years or so to shift in a very major way. The reason I say possibly only 10 years is the ‘tipping points’ we are now facing as we have entered our civilizational Chaos Point, especially with global warming when it becomes a runaway effect that cannot be reversed, and the growing possibility of a nuclear conflict in our ‘armed-to-the-teeth’ World today which would result in a ‘nuclear winter’ scenario.

Here are some recent facts to emphasis our situation in regard to the global warming threat, from CO2 Now: “The concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere are increasing at an accelerating rate from decade to decade.  The latest atmospheric CO2 data is consistent with a continuation of this long-standing trend. The upper safety limit for atmospheric CO2 is 350 parts per million (ppm). Atmospheric CO2 levels have stayed higher than 350 ppm since early 1988. It hit 397.34 parts per million last month.”

Therefore despite all the awareness, concern and action about global warming and climate change, the rising seas, melting ice-caps, etc. over the last 30 to 40 years and international efforts for pacts to reduce CO2 emissions with Kyoto and Copenhagen, humanity CO2 output has never been reduced but, quite the opposite, increases annually!  That represents a total failure of our “leadership” who often claim they are unable to combat climate change because of the economic cost of doing so yet spent $1.75 Trillion in 2012 alone on armaments and wars. Truly shameful!

Wise leadership is accordingly urgently needed now for humanity’s future and it will not come from the existing world leadership, either political or corporate, who only seem concerned with maintaining the global ‘status quo’ though that is clearly unsustainable in the longer-term and is currently massively failing. It also includes always “telling the truth” to their people. This has recently and famously been the opposite based on lying to their people to generate false public support for “wars of aggression” for resources such as oil and political agendas which wars have been previously deemed by international law to be “crimes against humanity.”

It is also the sacred trust and duty of our  so-called “public servants” in every nation to protect public safety and to anticipate and minimize threats to society. In our world now this means much more then just protecting the public from criminal acts or terrorism. It also means acting with wisdom and foresight in regard to major global threats and challenges.

Today’s “leaders” have totally failed in that sacred trust and worse as they have created the conditions for a potential civilizational collapse by their decisions and actions utilizing public resources provided to them by the governmental powers of taxation. Once they get the people’s taxation funds they spend it as they wish without any consideration for the public’s view i.e. democracy, beyond pandering to special interests to ensure they and their party have the needed funds to be returned to power in the next election. For example, the 2012 USA elections cost up to $6 Billion of US taxpayers dollars.

Nor will such needed leadership come from the religious leaders of our divided and conflicted religious traditions which by their very nature divide humanity into the eternal “us and them” dynamic. We well know where that dynamic led to in the 20th Century with the Holocaust and other religiously or ethnically based genocides and wars, and now again in the 21st Century with the current global war between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. That is an age-old conflict that can never be won, only lost by all and all  the world. The violent conflict playing out in the Middle East right now is raging as we know and  I don’t see anything to stop it from becoming a WWIII scenario in the near future. And as many recent events have shown no one is truly safe from this conflict. It is being exported worldwide.

Returning to our bottom-line assessment; humanity is now at an evolutionary crossroads where we can either devolve towards unimaginable catastrophe or evolve to a new epoch of human development with the birth of a new kind of consciousness based upon shared universal human values and the implementation of the respective new global societal systems in alignment with those values. In other words, can we, as the new ‘Connected Humanity’ evolve ourselves to new thinking, new ways of operating, and new systems in time? And thus to a world where ‘Right’ is always chosen over ‘Might’, where Nature and human beings are always valued higher then profits, and where the people of the world have an actual voice in the affairs of the world? That is the ultimate question facing the generations alive today.

In addition to the extreme negative trends of today’s world there are of course also many major positive trends towards sustainability taking place worldwide today, such as the ‘green shift’, carbon caps, sustainable technologies, etc. However they are still in their infancy and therefore will not likely expand in sufficient time to avert the worst-case scenarios we now face. The window of opportunity is now very short. While in terms of societal justice and equity, online movements such as Avaaz have had a significant impact in recent years but not nearly a sufficient one as fundamental systemic change on a global level is required. Nothing short of that will suffice and nothing short of a ‘worldshift’ now will put us on a peaceful and sustainable path.

This is an excerpt from the Worldshift 2012 Declaration that Ervin Laszlo and I co-drafted, initially in 2008:  “Forward-thinking groups and individuals all over the world are addressing the many opportunities presented at this critical time. Designs for sustainable systems, structures and technologies are being developed and implemented in all sectors, at all levels and in every society. This global awakening is a hopeful sign of the vitality of the human spirit and our ability to respond to the dangers we now face with insight and creativity. However, the totality of our current efforts does not yet match the scope, scale and urgency of the necessary transformation. But if we collaborate and act with vision, foresight and commitment we can lay the foundations of a global community that is peaceful, just and sustainable. We may then ensure our survival and wellbeing, as well as that of future generations. As global citizens, our top priority is to accelerate our evolutionary shift to a planetary consciousness and, together, co-create this new world and a positive future for humanity – while the window of time is still open.”

Thus the question now becomes whether any possible path forward for humanity exists today or is it basically over for our civilization and also possibly our species within the next few decades? That question is no exaggeration as I believe we’ve clearly established in this blog series.

If so where will the desperately needed ‘wise leadership’ come from now? The only possible answer is from the  ‘people of the world’ empowered today by our new tools giving each of us, who are ‘connected’, access to essentially all accumulated human knowledge and the ability to communicate, cooperate and collaborate in co-creation towards a peaceful and sustainable world and future! “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us” Marshall McLuhan

‘We the people’ can no longer believe or trust what our “leaders” tell us or tell the media to tell us. Corruption and manipulation of the public exists at every level of societal “authority” today. A colleague sent me this Matt Taibbi article which says it all, though you may have to be a banking expert to fully understand it: Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever. It reflects the massive extent of corruption and manipulation existing at the highest levels of our societies today and the fact that it’s not a secret at all but can be seen by anyone who bothers to look. We the people of the world must accordingly look to ourselves for any major positive change to occur.

There are certainly millions of people around the world today who are aware of the present state of the world and humanity who work daily to build a better world and shift our global emergency to the global emergence of a new world based upon shared values and goals of peace and sustainability. They are the authentic collective leaders of our world today through their vision and actions.  They represent a vanguard for a positive future for the sake of our children, grandchildren and all future human generations acting authentically in love and service for humanity and all Creation.

The visionary scientist and humanitarian, Buckminster Fuller, famously said in the 20th Century: “In order to change something don’t struggle to change the existing model. Create a new model and make the other one obsolete.” That is our path forward.  Protesting our collapsing systems is not necessary as they are in the final stages of collapse. Rather simple non-participation in the existing system to the greatest extent one can while uniting with like-minded other worldwide to co-create the new systems and world is the preferable course.

In addition to the millions of people from every nation, culture, and religion in the vanguard of the new there is also the ongoing evolutionary process at work. “Everything evolves” in the world including our societal systems, operating principles and organization. Accordingly, society itself is ever evolving though at this moment it seems to be one-step forward and two-steps back. The evolution of human rights, women’s rights, the rights of nature, the birth of the United Nations all in the last 100 years is evidence of this macro reality.

What is hindering our natural evolution now are the forces in effect that try to retreat to less developed and simpler eras where their rule could not be questioned. That is not possible of course and can only end in disaster particularly when humanity is led by groups who blindly follow failed ideologies, corrupted values and attempts at total power and control that are absolutely contrary to the historic and scientific evidence before us today.  One major statement to be made in this regard is that the ‘Age of Empires’ must now truly end not just in words but in deeds and reality, to be replaced by true democracy of and by the people of the world. All Empires eventually fall and today we have a global one of course.

As the path forward for humanity at this moment in our history, as a ray of light and hope,  I propose that the alternative peaceful and sustainable world which we all desire be co-created on Earth here and now, beginning virtually and then one step at a time in the physical world. Initially virtually with a ‘Global Peoples Concordance on Universal Human Values’, and then the design of our New World on the web and then in the physical world. It will be a most visionary and timely initiative engaging millions of people worldwide via the web.

The mechanism I am proposing to bring this initiative into reality is the HUMAN FUTURES ALLIANCE – a ‘connected online community’ whose Mission is to work cooperatively and collaboratively across the world to: 1.) Consider all possible futures at this moment for Humanity and the Earth; and, 2) Plan immediate next steps towards the peaceful and sustainable future that the vast majority of humanity authentically desires in the deepest expression of our shared humanity.

I have now registered the domain names for the Human Futures Alliance and will plan to launch it later this year. It is an extension and expansion of the World Wisdom Alliance initiative that I launched in Toronto in July 2006. I invite everyone reading this blog to membership in advance and will keep you posted of course!

Some elements of this New World, which must all be based on true wisdom, that I now propose are: a consensus on universal human values, global citizenship, expanded human Rights and responsibilities, the equal input of women at all levels of society especially in leadership and decision-making, the interests of nature and future generations being equally considered in all decisions that effect the public, a world of connected cities and communities, direct participatory democracy of the world public, a global system and sub-systems of governance, etc.

I also offer the following steps to this New World. These steps can all be accomplished in time beginning virtually. It’s about empowering the People of the World to co-create the World we desire. And it is the only World that would continue beyond the next few decades. Our current one can not.

6 Steps to the Co-Creation of a Peaceful and Sustainable World:

1. Global Consensus on Universal Human Values (UHV) is reached.

2. Global Spiritual Culture

3. Global Education System

4. Participatory Global Democracy System based on UHV

5. Global Governance System and Sub-Systems based on UHV

6. Design and implementation of new democratic global systems for security, energy, food, resource use, eco-restoration, etc., based on UHV.

I will devote a full blog to each of these steps over the next weeks and months, and also to include these steps in my first book entitled Futurepath, a term that I have coined.

I dedicate this blog series and it’s messages presented on behalf of humanity and all Life to my Mentors in this life so far, in order of their appearance in my life. To Don Toppin, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eric McLuhan, Peter Aykroyd Sr., Robert Muller, Peter Gabriel, Martin Robertson, Ervin Laszlo, Charlie Gay, Nicolya Christi and Steven Trevino, and to all the Angels on Earth right now. (You know who you are by now!) It’s been wonderful to connect with so many such Angels already who are working everyday in love and service for humanity and all life on Earth.

I also dedicate this series to the world’s young people and our next generations. It is for them that we must act today for tomorrow.

This is indeed a most special moment for humanity. A moment of great challenge, threat and opportunity. Our evolutionary crossroads. We must rise to the challenge and collectively choose to enact the path to a better world and positive future or ultimately fail as a species and destroy much of our shared natural heritage. However we can’t truly succeed unless the .0001% come along. The very wealthy men who hold the world, humanity and our collective future in their hands at present. We must ask them now to  join with us in this great effort for all our sakes and that of our precious Mother Earth. It’s very simple – care about the future and humanity, share your knowledge and resources, be ‘servant leaders’ engaging with the views and concerns of all humanity. Each of us alive today owes this to our children, grandchildren and to all future human generations. In doing so we will reclaim and redeem our highest humanity and we will do so together.

No more “isms” and failed ideologies, only people worldwide with creative ideas and plans, connected and collaborating to solve our shared challenges and move humanity higher to the next level. All the ideas, the technologies, the brilliance exists now. It only needs to be unleashed and it must.

Finally, we now know with certainty that if humanity is to survive these coming times we will have had to have evolved to a system and systems of equitable and effective global organization that will create a peaceful and sustainable world and future. Global challenges require global solutions of course. The priorities of our current world in terms of the allocation of collective human wealth and knowledge must shift 180 degrees. That is the direction we must evolve to and soon if we hope to overcome our current likely future.

Everybody who wishes to join in with open heart, mind and hands will be able to do so. It is the only way forward.  Time is very short and grows shorter daily as we know. It is time to act boldly in love, compassion and service and to practice what we preach. Here’s to the soon to be launched Human Futures Alliance! Onward and upward Humanity to our New World!

The Truth Will Set us Free!

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