Our Cosmos’ Grand Design

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Our Cosmos’ Grand Design

The long awaited reconciliation of Science and Spirituality seemed an impossible task as recently as a few years ago. However it has essentially been accomplished today! The relatively new science of Cosmology has now determined that there is a “Grand Design” of our Cosmos. Let’s understand what this truly means and how important it is for all of us and for our future.

In terms of understanding the fundamental nature of our Cosmos there are now two possible views. The first is the strictly materialist view where our Cosmos is declared to be  random and meaningless and life only a by-product of zillions of chance connections and interactions over great lengths of time. The other and opposite view now is that ours is a designed and evolving Cosmos fundamentally imbued with consciousness and meaning. Which of these diametric opposites is true and how can that be determined?

The good news recently is that the relatively new science of Cosmology has confirmed the Grand Design of the Cosmos and enlightened us to this true nature of our Cosmos, albeit a very surprising one given the primacy of the materialist scientific view over the last hundred years.

In the recent book “The New Universe & the Human Future”, co-authors Nancy Abrams & Joel Primack set out the Grand Design of the Cosmos that the science of Cosmology is now revealing. http://new-universe.org. It is essential reading! (This is a link to the book’s Introduction as a .pdf file)

A Grand Design necessarily points towards either the existence of an external Grand Designer or an inherent design process built in to the very nature of our Cosmos. Yet whether the Designer/Creator is viewed as external to our Universe (God) or whether the design principles are internally built-in and self-organizing (Science) is not the crucial matter. The fact that there is a clearly a Grand Design at both the macro and the micro levels of our Cosmos is what matters most.

While the reality of the Grand Design must assume the existence of a Grand Designer whether external as the “grand engineer” or internal with the principles of the cosmic design being built into the “machine” from the outset which would be our Universe’s Big Bang. Either way, design to the most specific degree in our Cosmos presupposes a Grand Designer. And this undeniably means that Consciousness is the fundamental aspect of our Cosmos.

Any concept of Design requires Consciousness as an absolute precondition. That essential understanding of the true nature of our Cosmos resonates with all of our Spiritual traditions (especially our Eastern and Indigenous ones) and has now finally been scientifically established once and for all!

We now know that our Cosmos is so finally tuned that life could never have arisen if the parameters were changed even to the most minute degree. Even the smallest change in almost any area of atomic structure or universal forces would have led to a lifeless Cosmos! And we know that in the minuscule realms of visible matter and energy in our Cosmos, life can thrive in mind boggling diversity as it does here on Planet Earth and likely on millions of planets elsewhere. Such a fine-tuned Cosmos can only have come about from a pre-existing built-in design.

It is an impossibility solely from chance encounters interactions of a few atoms and molecules in a vast immaterial sea. In our Cosmos all life exists on the knife’s edge and the knife was designed to take form and shape from the very moment of creation.

While the major new revelation of what Cosmologists have recently observed, as set out in the Abrams and Primack book,  is that visible matter being all that we and our telescopes can basically see in the Universe is now known to be only slightly over 1/2 of 1% of all the matter and energy that exists! Whereas dark matter and dark energy make up about 99.4%. So visible matter/energy is about only 00.51% while matter/energy that is invisible to us is over 99% of our Cosmos. This is a most unexpected revolution in understanding as the immaterial Cosmos is almost all of the Cosmos!

Chance encounters and interactions of matter and energy leading to life in the vastness of dark matter and dark energy that we now know makes up the vast majority of our Cosmos appears to clearly be an impossibility even on the multiple- billion year time scale  involved. Matter and energy as we know it and see it is simply much too scarce in our Cosmos.

Also incredibly these Cosmic matter/energy ratios mirror the ratios of Subatomic structure in our material reality. As our Cosmos is made up of almost all invisible and immaterial space so is the make-up of the Atom mostly empty space in a similar ratio. This new knowledge thus confirms what was set out in the ancient Hermetica; “As Above, So Below.”

The prevailing view of modern science has been that our Cosmos is a random and meaningless collection of Matter. This view must now be forever replaced by our new understandings which the Science of Cosmology has now revealed through advanced observation. We have to now admit that we don’t even know what the nature of over 99% of our Cosmos is as it is composed of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, which can not even be directly observed by us except through the gravitational bending of visible light from distant galaxies. (See this recent article for explanation of this phenomenon.)

The Grand Design and the Grand Designer have now been revealed in the light of human understanding. Consciousness is now King forever and the immaterial and invisible clearly dominates the material and visible in our Cosmos! What a 180° shift in our consciousness this is! It is a revolution in human thought unprecedented since the time of Galileo and Copernicus!

A further crucial understanding is that design and randomness (as materialist scientists appear to understand randomness) are irreconcilably opposed. Design and meaning are inseparable and thus advanced conscious life is far from meaningless. Meaning along with Consciousness must now be seen as inherent in our Universe . And randomness in the Cosmos must now be seen as a design element and not as the definitive tenet of our meaninglessness! It is the opposite of what we have understand in the past.

Our new understandings are due to the Cosmic view provided by telescopic technologies such as the Hubble Telescope and the ground-breaking theoretical work of the world’s far-sighted Cosmologists and Physicists. These scientific discoveries have also led to the new understanding of the extremely rare and critical place advanced conscious life such as us represents in the Cosmos.

Our new Cosmic Cosmology can thus now become a major unifying foundation for Humanity. When we add what has been discovered about the nature of our universal reality through Quantum Physics (the smallest scale) over the past century to the new knowledge from Cosmology (the largest scale) we have the most complete picture of the nature of our reality ever. It is the new ground state of our shared reality with design and consciousness now known to be inherent and fundamental elements of that reality at the macro and thus also the micro levels.

The 20th Century view of our Cosmos as random and meaningless has now been proven to be a completely wrong perception. Life itself is neither random nor meaningless and accordingly neither is our individual lives. We belong here as the evolutionary product of a Cosmos geared to create us to the most exact degree. We are finally Home! Welcome home everyone!

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