Fukushima – Out of Control and Threatening Our Future

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Fukushima – Out of Control and Threatening Our Future

In my previous blog, Applying Wisdom Principles to Global Issues – Syria, Fukushima & the G20, I considered two current major events that threaten humanity ongoingly, Syria and Fukushima, in regard to the previous actions and responses of our national political “leaders”, especially acting as the G20.

‘The overall question I am asking is: “Have our “leaders” made wise decisions and acted wisely both in the past and in the present in playing a major role in creating and then addressing the threats and challenges that effect us all and threaten our shared future? No question is more important for our future.

My assumptions underlying this question is that wisdom and the highest level of integrity are both essential and inherent to “good governance” and are a fundamental criteria for all decisions and actions of our “public servants” on behalf of their respective constituents.

My answer to this critical question was and is a resounding NO! My view is that essentially no wisdom, as I’ve defined it, has been applied in the past nor is being applied in the present by our political “leaders” in the face of the ongoing disasters in Syria and Fukushima, nor are our “public servants” operating with the highest integrity. Quite the opposite unfortunately. 

I would also say that this conclusion can be applied to pretty much all our present global threats and challenges and the role of our “leaders” in generating the crises (cause and effect) and then exacerbating them through extremely unwise decisions and actions that fly in the face of both reason and compassion, and are completely devoid of either historical understanding or foresight. (That view is greatly expanded upon in my earlier 5-part blog series – “Leaders and Leadership in 2013”)

Accordingly, the decisions and actions of our national political “leaders” represent an ongoing fundamental breach of public trust on behalf of their citizens and all the people of the world. Protecting their citizens is the most fundamental responsibility of our so-called “public servants”. Frankly, today’s “leader’s” appear much more focused on serving themselves and their friends, while “leading” humanity off the proverbial cliff. This is what I have termed the “Global Con-Game” as you will read below.

Further, it is a virtual certainty that our “leaders” will continue their version of “business as usual” unless and until there is a massive positive shift in thinking and related actions driven by the rising demands of their citizens who together are the world’s people.

In this blog, Fukushima – Out of Control and Threatening Our Future, I focus on the current disastrous situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan in terms of effectively controlling the ongoing radioactive fallout and avoiding the life threatening worst-case scenarios. Fukushima continues to be an urgent threat to the well-being and even survival of Life on Earth, and is a prime example of the “Global Con-Game” in full bloom. I believe the present situation at Fukushima clearly displays the failure of our current political “leadership” to protect their citizens over self-interest and corporate special interests, as well as the mainstream media’s failure to inform the world public of a growing global threat.

Nuclear War has, of course, been a well-known threat to humanity’s continued existence since the first A-Bombs were detonated by the USA against Japan at the end of WWII. Since then numerous nations have developed their own nuclear arsenals, whether declared to the international community or otherwise. It is an ever-present threat that did not end with the end of the Cold War in 1989. Not at all.

Now we have the related extinction threats from Nuclear Power Plant accidents or disasters, with the most well known being Chernobyl in 1986, and today, Fukushima. This comprehensive report from Global Research from January 25, 2012, entitled Fukushima: A Nuclear War without A War, provides an excellent overview of the crisis at the time it was written, and essentially predicts the situation the world is facing today. I quote from the report’s summary:

“While the long-term repercussions of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster are yet to be fully assessed, they are far more serious than those pertaining to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine which has resulted in almost One Million deaths. The shaky political consensus both in Japan, the U.S. and Western Europe is that the crisis at Fukushima has been contained. The realities, however, are otherwise. Fukushima 3 was leaking unconfirmed amounts of plutonium. According to Dr. Helen Caldicott, “one millionth of a gram of plutonium, if inhaled can cause cancer”. The dumping of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean constitutes a potential trigger to a process of global radioactive contamination. Radioactive elements have not only been detected in the food chain in Japan, radioactive rain water had been recorded in California. An opinion poll in May 2011 confirmed that more than 80 per cent of the Japanese population do not believe the government’s information regarding the nuclear crisis. What prevails is a well organized camouflage. The public health disaster in Japan, the contamination of water, agricultural land and the food chain, not to mention the broader economic and social implications, have neither been fully acknowledged nor addressed in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion by the Japanese authorities. The crisis in Japan has also brought into the open the unspoken relationship between nuclear energy and nuclear war. Nuclear energy is not a civilian economic activity. It is an appendage of the nuclear weapons industry which is controlled by the so-called defense contractors. The powerful corporate interests behind nuclear energy and nuclear weapons overlap. It should be noted that the complacency of both the media and the governments to the hazards of nuclear radiation pertains to the nuclear energy industry as well as to to use of nuclear weapons. In both cases, the devastating health impacts of nuclear radiation are casually denied.”

Again that report was released in January 2012. Now the situation at Fukushima appears to be out-of-control, yet the ownership company, Tokyo Electric (TEPCO), the Japanese Government and our world political “leaders”, along with the world’s mass media that enable them, lie to their people and then lie some more. The question, of course, is why?!

This recent article by Nuclear activist Harvey Wasserman says it all in terms of the current situation and it is most alarming. The article is entitled, The Crisis at Fukushima’s Unit 4 Demands a Global Take-Over, from which I quote:

“We are now within two months of what may be humankind’s most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis. There is no excuse for not acting. All the resources our species can muster must be focused on the fuel pool at Fukushima Unit 4. Tepco says that within as few as 60 days it may begin trying to remove more than 1300 spent nuclear fuel rods from a badly damaged pool perched 100 feet in the air. The pool rests on a badly damaged building that is tilting, sinking and could easily come down in the next earthquake, if not on its own. Some 400 tons of fuel in that pool could spew out more than 15,000 times as much radiation as was released at Hiroshima. The one thing certain about this crisis is that Tepco does not have the scientific, engineering or financial resources to handle it. Nor does the Japanese government. We already know that thousands of tons of heavily contaminated water are pouring through the Fukushima site, carrying a devil’s brew of long-lived poisonous isotopes into the Pacific. Chernobyl’s first 1986 fallout reached California within ten days. Fukushima’s in 2011 arrived in less than a week. A new fuel fire at Unit 4 would pour out a continuous stream of  lethal radioactive poisons for centuries. Former Ambassador Mitsuhei Murata says full-scale releases from Fukushima “would destroy the world environment and our civilization. This is an issue of human survival. The situation demands a coordinated worldwide effort of the best scientists and engineers our species can muster.”

Also this Truth-Out article from September 26th. Risky Repair of Fukushima Could Spill 15,000 Times the Radiation of Hiroshima, Create 85 Chernobyls, and this summary, 11 Facts About The Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Holocaust Too Horrifying To Believe.

Accordingly, today we have a major and growing threat to humanity’s well-being and even survival with mere weeks to ensure that effective action is taken to remove the spent fuel rods at Fukushima’s Unit 4. That is of course a worst case-scenario, well beyond the ongoing leaks of radioactive water from storage containers on site, but it is also a very real possibility at any moment until the spent fuel rods are safely removed and stored, if they can be. And the clean-up to be complete involves so much more. Yet I’m sure this information is and will be a big surprise to 99.9% of humanity, although each of us is threatened along with our children, grandchildren, life in the Pacific Ocean and all Life on Earth!

How is this possible? What forces are at play to hide the truth from the world’s people? This situation has all the signs of a major and ongoing “cover-up” and it is a situation that threatens us all and our future as we now know.

Here are two articles that refer to this “cover-up” from the Japanese Online Press. From September 11th: Did Abe Lie To Olympic Committee About Fukushima Safety?, where Japanese Prime Minister Abe was called out for his statements to the IOC Committee which has awarded Tokyo the 2020 Olympics. The article disputes the authenticity of remarks made by Japanese Prime Minister Abe during his final presentation for the Tokyo Olympic bid, where he reassured the IOC over the safety of contaminated water leaks from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Reactor, and that the situation at Fukushima was “under control.” Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth! Also this September 19th article for further specifics:  Abe mum on plan for contaminated water crisis.

The repeated pattern from our current political leaders is crystal clear as is that of their docile mass media enablers. For our “leaders” it is to lie and the bigger the lie the better. If you’re caught lying try to cover it up and if you can’t cover it up then blame someone else. If none of that works resign and live the good life charging huge fees to “speak” (lie) on the national and international speaking circuit to more people about all the great things they did on behalf of the people who voted for them when they were in power. Right!

We can expect nothing else from our self-serving political “leaders” I’m afraid. We can’t judge our “leaders” by what they “say”, as that is almost always lies and propaganda today. We can only judge them by what they actually “do”. And any “leader” who actually told their people the truth would promptly be removed from power by the forces behind the scenes and the men who control them. I think we all know that today. It is naive to think otherwise today in my view.

I call those forces the “Puppet-Masters”, and these men certainly know who they are. Our political “leaders” are the “Puppets” who don’t have any real power but appear to. The mainstream mass media who enable their lies and manipulation are the “Shills”. While the rest of us, the global public and the people of the world, are the “Dupes” in this Global Con-Game.  “Con-game” is defined as: “A swindle in which the mark, or victim, is defrauded after his or her trust has been won.” Exactly! And this con-game is global!

What underpins this Global Con-Game is of course the income taxes, consumer spending dollars and votes of we “Dupes” who unwittingly support and enable it. Such as the expenditure of $1.75 Trillion USD on arms in 2012 alone by our glorious “leaders” who sometimes call themselves the G8 and G20. Without the Dupes there can be no con-game of course. And this game won’t end unless and until enough of us wake up and in time!

It is indeed a game but a very serious one as the future of humanity and all of life on this planet is now at stake. No one has the right to threaten our future or life on Earth for their own selfish gain. It is surely time that this game was up. Starting with Fukushima.

The solution to end the game once and for all is for more and more people worldwide to open their eyes to the truth and to stop being the “Dupes” by withdrawing legitimacy and support from a corrupted generation of “leaders”. Along with new international laws that will hold our “leaders” fully accountable for their actions when criminally destructive. Colleague and international lawyer Polly Higgins, who initiated the international law crime of Ecocide, is now calling for a new category of international crime she terms “Leadership Crime”. Quoting from Polly’s recent message: “Leadership Crime is when leaders fail to act or make decisions that lead to mass damage and destruction, that surely can only be called a crime. Should we turn a blind eye to destruction or hold our leaders to account? Too many of us have bought into the misguided belief that those in a position of superior responsibility will put the interests of people and planet first.  The plight of our time is the abject failure of leadership, the lack of a duty of care in this regard.”

The bottom-line is not the scientific opinions about global threats such as Fukushima which may often differ in regard to the worst-case scenarios. It is whether the people of the world will have any real say in our collective well-being today and in future, not just an elite group of disconnected “leaders”. And whether we will have the ability to hold our “leaders” legally accountable when they make decisions clearly contrary to the common good which result in mass damage and destruction to people and planet.

These question are most critical today as humanity faces urgent and ongoing triple threats to our survival from Nuclear War, Nuclear Power Plant Accidents and Global Warming. Yet we have no say at all in such crucial matters despite the fact that the majority of us are supposed to live in “democracies.” That has to change and soon!

The following statement and Call to Action is from my blog An Open Letter to Humanity at Our Evolutionary Crossroads:  

“It is the generations alive today who have received this challenge and opportunity. It is accordingly up to us to forge the path to a peaceful and sustainable future by co-creating a new world from the destruction of the old. I believe that everything we think and do must now be filtered through this lens of reality. We have to succeed in our great generational task as the alternative is truly unthinkable. The question we now collectively face is simple. “Will we be subject to continued domination by clueless elites in a deluded attempt to control people and planet to the greatest degree they can OR can we now come together in open communication, cooperation, and collaboration to address the escalating global systemic breakdowns and come through this period with a more peaceful and sustainable world, in other words a New World?” With our new online tools for information, communication and collaboration we can co-create the ‘online community for our future’ where the best ideas for preparing and implementing the actions needed to address the systemic breakdowns now underway will be developed. While at the same time designing the foundations for a New World – a Peaceful and Sustainable World. The shared dream of all Humankind!

This is truly the only path forward for humanity. We fortunately do have our Truthtellers and Alternative News media platforms in the world to ongoingly inform us and present the hidden truth. Individuals such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Noam Chomsky, Paul Craig Roberts, George Monbiot, Glenn Greenwald and the others, who most courageously risk their personal well-being on behalf of us all by telling the truth ongoingly. Would that we all know the truth so clearly and speak out as they do! And alternative news platforms which publish the truthtellers blogs and articles such as Information Clearing HouseCommon DreamsTruth-OutAnti-War, etc. They all need our ongoing support to maintain the distribution of independent and truthful information.

And we can all be empowered to act by “social media networks with a societal purpose” that empower people such as Avaaz and Move On are doing now with their many grassroots campaigns, and the online platforms that will come next. We can and must connect, communicate and collaborate ongoingly for our shared future!

Humanity needs to now wake-up en masse before’s too late for ourselves, our children, all future generations, and all Life on Earth. We must begin with the most immediate and urgent threat which is Fukushima. Our voices must be heard. The Global Con-Game must now end. And it can end voluntarily and mutually. All that’s needed to be changed are the minds of those who hold the reigns of power and those that hold the true power, being the people. No one of us is immune. No one is safe. Hiding the truth doesn’t make it go away!

The people of the world, our “leader’s”, the forces behind them, the media and the nuclear industry can and must now all come together to address this current threat to Life on Earth, including our own of course. Offers to help the Japanese people unconditionally by effectively dealing with the Fukushima disaster can be made by nations, corporations and individuals under a UN General Assembly sponsored initiative. If so a new way will be found for unifying humanity now and in future by responding collectively to these shared threats.

One place to start right now is by signing the Petition initiated by Harvey Wasserman to petition the United Nations and U.S. President Obama to mobilize the global scientific and engineering community to take charge at Fukushima and take over the job of moving the 1,300 fuel rods to safety. The Petition now has over 100,000 people signing on from around the world. This is the latest message from Harvey Wasserman and team: “Tepco has said it may begin moving the fuel rods down from Unit #4 in November. By then we must gather enough support to bring humankind’s best scientific, engineering and monetary resources to bear on this supremely dangerous task. Its successful completion will be a huge relief. But it will only begin the real clean-up at Fukushima, where 11,000 fuel rods are scattered, where three cores are missing, where thousands of tons of contaminated water continue to pour through to the Pacific, and so much more.” You can sign the Petition via the Move On site here.

Raise your voice! Let it be heard loud and clear! Take a stand for what we know is right  in our heart-of-hearts! I close this message with Patti Smith’s 1988 visionary anthem People Have the Power. It’s true and it’s always been true! The people do have the ultimate power. You and I and all all of us. We need to know that deeply and collectively act accordingly in our newly connected world. Here’s an excerpt from that wonderful anthem by Patti:

The power to dream… to rule

To wrestle the world from fools

It’s decreed the people rule

I believe everything we dream

Can come to pass through our union

We can turn the world around

We can turn the earth’s revolution

We have the power

People have the Power…


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