Dying for our Myths

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Dying for our Myths

In this blog I’m presenting an overview of how our widely held ‘mythic’ beliefs are responsible for much of our past, much of world as it is today, and now seriously threaten humanity’s future.

Firstly, I wonder if any scholar has ever tried to tabulate the number of deaths from religious and racial conflicts and wars over human history? It is actually an impossible task because such records are not kept, and even if so they would have been lost to all but modern history. Suffice it to say that the number is in the tens of millions, if not in the hundreds of millions, and that the vast majority who were killed in such conflicts and wars were and are innocents, including many millions of women and children. How is it that religious beliefs which at their core represent the highest aspirations of humanity have  led to such massive death and destruction and continues to do so ?

In WW2 alone, 55 million people were killed, including 11 million in the Holocaust. Nazi Germany started that terrible war driven by dreams of Empire, based upon an ideology of the racial superiority of the supposed ‘Aryan’ race, especially against what they determined to be “inferior races” of Jews, Gypsies, Blacks and others. The Nazi policy was quite simple. Inferior races were to be totally eradicated by mass extermination. The Nazi’s succeeded to the extent of 11 million such murders but their ‘dream’ of total racial domination ended up in massive destruction and ruin of course. While the lives of 55 million mostly innocent human beings were sacrificed in the process on the altar of such insanity.

Modern science has since proven that the concept of various human races and sub-races, which were widespread shared beliefs over many thousands of years, were and are completely false. These beliefs were later proven by science to be only a myth based on ignorance and the desire to dominant other cultural or religious groups. We know today that there we all belong to one race – the Human Race. We are a single species who call ourselves Homo sapiens. There are no other human races or sub-races and have never been despite these previous beliefs. Such beliefs were prevalent in society right up until the last 75 years or so, and were a fundamental cause of much previous racism and conflict reaching its zenith with WW2.

Accordingly such shared societal, cultural and religious mythic beliefs are far from harmless. Rather they are most dangerous beliefs that can be held and such age-old beliefs continue to contribute to conflicts, wars and the potential ‘civilizational suicide’ of humanity in our time when empowered by the massively destructive weapons of war that so many have access to today. The manufacturing and distribution of such weapons of greater and greater destructive power is probably humanity’s most successful technological development to date. And of course there will only be more such weapons with greater and greater destructive power in future as that’s what humanity seems to do best today, along with extracting every drop of oil remaining on the planet despite recent scientific knowledge about the likely immediate consequences. In sum, ignorance combined with greed and the desire to dominate others.

Accordingly, when we combine age-old mythic beliefs with modern weapons and the political power to use them we have the most destructive formula for humanity conceivable. An insatiable ‘killing machine’ that knows no real bounds. This is sadly much of what is going on in our world today.

I believe that we are now facing threats due to this destructive formula that may once again lead to a World War, WW3, and this time a nuclear armed one.  The formula is the same today as it was for WWII, but now it is the age-old ‘mythic’ religious beliefs of the three “monotheistic” world religions that underpin the threat, rather then out-dated beliefs in racial superiority of the last World War. The battle lines today are between Judeo-Christian religious beliefs and those of Islam for ‘world supremacy’. It’s the old “us and them” writ on the largest possible scale now, a global scale.

In my view the “War against Terrorism” is a phony war and a euphemism for a real War against Islam today, and together with the “Jihad” or “Holy War” response from Islam, ignores over 2/3 of the global population being China, India, Asia and most of Africa! It is an ancient fratricidal conflict between the “Children of Abraham”, but as they collectively control most of the world’s advanced weaponry and resources that conflict will, if  allowed to run it’s present course, engulf the world and possibly destroy humanity and most life on Earth.

The First and Second World Wars were wars between the “Christian” countries of Europe and the West, and also against Judaism in WWII which then gave rise to the State of Israel. Today the game-board has shifted significantly and “Islamic” countries” have clearly becoming the target. Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran are all Islamic countries of course, as well as ‘Third World’ countries who do not want to play the Empire game.  The present wars and future possible World War 3 will be between a suddenly unified ‘Judeo-Christian Nation’ against a disunited ‘Islamic Nation’. This conflict has its roots in ancient history of course and is being played out in the 21st Century with swords being replaced by nuclear bombs.  While today it is essentially an endless war as the US Administration has just made clear. No one is or will be safe from this conflict and war.

War today can have no winners only losers however. The wars of the past with armies meeting on a battlefield with a clear winner and loser are forever gone.  Today’s wars are asymmetrical ones that feature missiles, bombs and the invasion of helpless “enemy” nations. Ultimately all involved can only lose in “treasure” and innocent lives. And of course the new feature of such wars which our “leaders” call “terrorism” but in reality is revenge or “payback” against an equally innocent civilian population in their own cities? Trillions of dollars of humanity’s collective wealth annually supports  this modern form of warfare. First World armies and technology against rag-tag groups of  Third World “terrorists” often living in caves. While the massive amounts of weapons for all combatants are being produced, sold and distributed by the same group of countries fighting the phony ‘War on Terrorism’, primarily the G8 nations!

What is the tally of “success” for these modern wars such as in Iraq and Afghanistan to date? The attacking Nations were lied into war by deceitful political leaders for their geopolitical interests and self-aggrandizement. While the US and NATO must now finally give up these decade long wars against impoverished Islamic countries, the cost has bankrupted the initiators and is leaving the people they claimed to “want to save” to endless civil war, death and destruction. That’s the bottom-line reality now but is anyone truly paying attention?

War evolves as does everything else on Earth. Wars can no longer achieve any positive result if they ever truly could.  Yet more money is spent and more destructive weapons are developed ongoingly. Homo ignormaus in full bloom. War can never bring truly lasting peace and today that is more true then ever.  (See my blog War and Peace 2012.)

Although these recent wars have been fought for Empire and Oil they have also been fought in furtherance of the age-old religious beliefs of the combatants. Mythic beliefs driven by fundamentalism about whose God is the true God and which people are the truly “chosen people” of God. Each of Judaism, Christianity and Islam claim so. And although they are claim belief in one God, monotheism, they are clearly not the same God set out in each religion’s ‘sacred scriptures’.

Fundamentalists of each monotheistic religion believe that their respective “sacred scriptures” are the literal “Word of God” and that their respective Prophet is the only one to have truly spoken for God, or was himself God.  And further that God has instructed them to ensure that all the rest of humanity share their particular religious beliefs usually on pain of death historically. Now take these ancient tribal beliefs with their modern-day fundamentalist proponents from each of the respective religions and arm with unlimited weapons of destruction and mass destruction and  here we are!

The historic link between such fundamentalist religious beliefs and willingness of their proponents to use violence against any and all ‘non-believers’ has been clearly established. Thus the minority controls the majority through intimidation by violence and the threat of violence, no differently then with fascist, militarist and totalitarian political movements and parties, or “the mob” for that matter. Fundamentalist religious believers counsel and engage in violence against the “other” with a clear conscience as in their minds they are only fulfilling the Word of their God, who is of course the sole and only God. Thus this “meme” is a more virulently destructive one then even the ‘meme’ of racial superiority.

Yet as modern science shattered mythic beliefs of races and racist ideologies it has also now shattering mythic beliefs around these religions and their “sacred scriptures” for the rational thinker and mind. It is now beyond any doubt that these scriptures and sacred books were written by Man not God, and not by one man but many men and over long periods of time. They are full of contradictions and various contradictory versions of the “One God” are contained. And there remains virtually no archaeological evidence for the existence of any of the key figures referenced in the respective ‘sacred texts’, save for the Koran which is a much more recent text historically then the Old and New Testament.

The texts also all contain key messages of love, compassion, brotherhood and sisterhood, of course, although these messages are usually reserved for the “us”, not the “them.” Such ‘divinely inspired’ values in the texts are the core messages but the majority of the texts have been added at later times for what can only be described as tribal political agendas of one sub-group of Jews, Christians, or Muslims over others, to enforce their political power and control at that time. That power also included the power to include or exclude particular texts or books, or to make major textual revisions to the ‘sacred texts’ ongoingly to support their views and positions as part of the particular “religious canons”.

The respective societal elites at the relevant times had sole access and control of their religious texts and could essentially do with them as they wished, and that is exactly what they did. It is always the victors who write history of course, especially in times where the vast majority of people could not read and had no possible access to their respective sacred texts at the relevant times. For an overview assessment of the creation of the canonized ‘sacred texts’ of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, I suggest the 2005 book by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, entitled “The Laughing Jesus; Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom.”

The spiritual wisdom, humanitarian values and establishment of laws in the ancient sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are certainly of great ongoing value to all of humanity. However the direct manipulation of the texts for narrow political gain in the distant past and the subsequent development of the “us and them” mentality so widely prevalent in the modern world could mean humanity’s  ultimate destruction.

A main point is not to assess which elements may be historic truths and which may be manipulation of the “sacred texts’  but to state very clearly that it doesn’t ultimately matter! The spiritual wisdom, values and laws matter a great deal. While the ‘mythic’ rest of the texts can only lead us to disaster as we now face. The winds of World War are once again blowing, led by extremists believers who have now taken political power at the highest levels in a number of key nations.

Today, many Jewish political and religious fundamentalist “leaders” risk a global war that can end the human race to back their specific claim to a small piece of land in the Middle East to be a “Jewish State” that “God gave them” because “He said so” in their Bible. (However at that time there was no concept of ‘Political States’.) While many powerful Christian political and religious fundamentalist “leaders” actively help to bring about “The Apocalypse” as it is “God’s plan for the return of their Messiah” as is “clearly set out” in their Bible”. (Not clear at all but rather an extrapolation of Old and New Testament text by Christian religious “leaders” in America over the past 150 years or so.) And many fundamentalist Islamic political and religious “leaders” call for the domination of Islam worldwide as “Allah has called for” in their Koran.

What a most toxic brew! One wonders if this the 21st Century or the 12th Century! Has there not been an Age of Reason and the Scientific Revolution? Essentially it appears not as so much of our world today is controlled or influenced by such ancient and totally misguided fundamentalist beliefs. Mythic beliefs. The rest of us with rational minds and loving hearts are apparently at their mercy today.

It was of much lesser concern when such mythic beliefs were limited to a small corner of the world and the battles were fought with swords and knives in ancient times. Today however these myths that fueled ongoing historic conflict have been globalized to every corner of the world, and the swords and knives have been replaced by missiles, bombs, chemical weapons and nuclear warheads!

The question now before humanity therefore is: “Are we prepared to die for our myths”? It appears increasingly likely that we will indeed in the near future. WW3 seems to be coming just around the corner from where I stand and we are heading there if the current trends continue. Yet what can stop such a disastrous tragedy for humanity from happening?

The way only true forward that I can now suggest lies in the potential for a ‘transformational evolutionary leap’ for humanity collectively from ancient tribal religious and political conflicts and their “sacred texts” to a new ‘Global Spiritual Culture’ where the emphasis returns to the Divine Attributes and Values of love, compassion, service, brotherhood and sisterhood of the Family of Man, the Golden Rule, etc. Where each religion and culture is seen as having a piece of the greater puzzle of knowledge and wisdom not the exclusive answer given to them and them alone. Where what matters is the messages not the messengers. Where One God or Many Gods is seen as the same which it is – One Creator God with many Aspects. Where humanity tries to be like God and his/her Prophets in this world and this life. And where there is no longer an “us and them” on religious or cultural grounds but only and always just “US”. One Human Race is what we now know we are and we must now quickly become One Human Family!

At the same time acknowledging that human cultures exist on this planet at various levels of evolutionary societal development. There are still tribes deep in jungles that still exist as today they did in the Stone Age. There are many cultures and people that remain primarily tribal or feudal. All societies evolve through such levels of social development as I presented in my recent blog The Evolution of Society. It is not a question of ‘evil’ that they are at an earlier stage of development as our “leaders” would have us believe in order to manipulate public consent for their wars of Empire and religious dominance, but of coexistence between  the various levels of development and assistance between all humanity to uplift all cultures and religions to the next level of human evolution.

After all the First World cultures and nations went through the very same evolutionary phases and are still doing so.  Women were not treated any better in Feudal Europe then they are today in “fundamentalist” Muslim countries. And women’s rights are far from equally applied in the so called “First World” countries today. What percentage of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers have been women over the last 100 years in these countries and how many are there in such positions today? It was and remains a minuscule percentage of course, and likely will into the foreseeable future as true gender equality is still a distant dream. Yet our “leaders” loudly proclaim that they are going to war to protect the rights of women in these tribal cultures! As Jesus said: “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” – John; Chapter 8, Verse 7

The alternative is that we will continue on our present path where much or all of humanity may die for some of our collective “myths” in endlessly re-enacting ancient tribal conflicts with our modern weapons of mass destruction. I for one only believe  in myths that are presented as metaphor for spiritual development and higher human values. That may well be the true core of our “sacred texts” which were later turned into literalism by fundamentalists for their self-serving political agendas. Such fundamentalist views are in a major ascendance today controlling much of today’s world and our resources, and as such holding the vast majority of humanity hostage to their particular group’s mythic delusions.

There is another way but only if many of the world’s people now say loudly and clearly that “enough is enough”! That no one has the right to hijack humanity and our future and to destroy God’s Creation. That we are no longer going to die for other people’s myths!

There is no going back to the past of course. We can only shift paths and quickly. I intend that when the Human Futures Alliance I’ve suggested is established it will provide a diverse platform for this most critical global dialogue amongst many people of the world from all cultures and religions. To consider core Universal Human Values which can enable our new connected humanity to evolve and transcend our terrible past of ignorance, greed and domination of each other and nature. And to give the vast majority of humanity, those of us with rational minds and loving hearts, a true Voice in the world. As stated often in my previous blogs, “The Truth Will Set Us Free!” It is only the Truth that can.

Homo sapiens or Homo ignoramus? It is our generations alive today who must now decide and we can not avoid the choice for very much longer.

I close this message with two related quotes from H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama:

“This is my simple religion: No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness. The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love, compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, and forgiveness.”

“All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.” (From Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World)


For those interested I recommend this excellent recent video presentation from American Futurist and Trends Forecaster, Gerald Celente, which is called Middle East Out of Control.

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