An Open Letter to Humanity at Our Evolutionary Crossroads

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An Open Letter to Humanity at Our Evolutionary Crossroads

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Humankind,

I am writing to communicate a most important message for humanity at this time in our history. To begin, I would ask you to imagine that each of us is a passenger on the ship RMS Titanic during its fateful maiden voyage in April 1912. The fact that ship will strike an iceberg and sink is inevitable, but to the Titanic passengers everything seems just fine until the very moment of impact.

In a very real sense the Titanic scenario is a major metaphor for humanity’s present circumstances. The Titanic hitting the iceberg and sinking is analogous to our present global civilization hitting a wall and collapsing. The scenarios are equally scientifically inevitable, yet to the “passengers” everything seems mostly fine until the impact. Under the surface things are not fine at all of course.

If one understands ‘The Chaos Point” of Systems Theory, as presented by Dr. Ervin Laszlo and referenced in my recent blogs, you will understand that societal collapse to some significant extent is now inevitable. It is as inevitable as the Titanic hitting the iceberg based on the course charted by the ship’s Captain and Navigator.

Our course is now irrevocably set as our global systems are now in the process of breaking down and will continue to do so. The Chaos Point appears for all complex societies that are unsustainable, especially ones ruled by Empires which are unsustainable by their very nature. Today, for the first time in history our society is a global one, is deeply interconnected and interdependent at all levels, and is now breaking down in multiple directions.

Only the societal effect of the breakdowns can now be addressed to minimize the worst-case scenarios. Returning to our Titanic metaphor, the ship will sink but how many passengers will survive. That depended to a great extent on how many life-preservers and life-boats there were on the ship. We know that there were not enough on the Titanic. Had there been many more planned for, many more lives would have been saved.

It is the same situation being in The Chaos Point. Foresight and planning for the effects of the global systemic breakdowns that have now begun are now the critical elements. There is no higher shared societal priority today and our “leaders” need to respond accordingly. Yet not even one appears to be awake to the truth of our situation. They ignore science for ideology and “lead” as if tomorrow can only be the same as the past. Unfortunately nothing can be further from the truth. And that is not good news for the rest of us of course.

Further, as previously set-out, The Chaos Point also has its opposite aspect built in. That provides our “Window of Opportunity” to build a new global society at a higher order from the breakdown of our existing unsustainable systems. It is our only path forward.

Today, we further have the ‘global flash-points’ of the potential of a Nuclear War, and the resultant Nuclear Winter, or Global Warming increasing average Global Temperature by a further 2 degrees Celsius or more which could also end much of all Life on Earth, including our own.

In this regard, I believe the two most important ‘news items of the year’ so far for humanity are:

1. The World’s Governments collectively spent $1.75 TRILLION on direct military expenditures in 2012, as I’d referenced in Part 4 of my recent “Leaders and Leadership 2013” blog series.

2. While on May 9, 2013, for the first time ever, the world’s most important CO2 monitoring station recorded daily CO2 concentrations above 400 parts per million – the highest levels found on earth in over 5 million years. The safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million.

What other facts could be more telling or meaningful both in terms of the state of humanity today and that of our “leadership”?

In addition to The Chaos Point derived from Systems Theory, we also have a recent framework for societal collapse from Dimitry Orlov, a Russian-American engineer and writer on subjects related to “potential economic, ecological and political decline and collapse in the United States. In his article and new book, The Five Stages of Collapse; Survivor’s Toolkit, he identifies the collapse of societies as a 5 stage internal process:

Stage 1: Financial Collapse. Faith in “business as usual” is lost.

Stage 2: Commercial Collapse. Faith that “the market shall provide” is lost.

Stage 3: Political Collapse. Faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost.

Stage 4: Social Collapse. Faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost.

Stage 5: Cultural Collapse. Faith in “the goodness of humanity” is lost.

From Dimitry Orlov; “A casual perusal of history will show that these various stages of collapse occur with great regularity. Humans have a marked tendency to form complex social hierarchies which never endure because collapse is programmed into the very nature of complex social hierarchies. In fact, the first three stages can often be viewed as healthy developments. For instance, a collapse of the current financial/commercial/ political scheme which is wedded to the fatally flawed concept of infinite economic growth on a finite planet, would be most welcome for it would give humanity a new lease on life by leaving to the future generations a planet that is less than 100% despoiled and poisoned. The reader is being asked to take it as read that collapse will occur, and describes what each stage of collapse entails and what adaptations and coping mechanisms have proven effective in attempting to survive its consequences.”

I, accordingly, deeply believe that the only questions now remaining for humanity are the period of time from now until the peak of the global systemic breakdowns and threats to our survival, and to what level we will actually prepare as societies to ameliorate the effect on our countries, communities and families. That’s where true leadership comes in and that must now come from the people of the world. From you and I. And we are far y behind in making the needed urgent plans as our “leaders” have not so led nor will they.

My own view is that peak of current global systemic breakdowns will be 10 to 20 years from today given present trends, and that societal and community resilience is the most critical factor in preparing for our future now. Social Resilience is “the ability of groups or communities to cope with external stresses and disturbances as a result of social, political, and environmental change”. We are accordingly now at our species-wide ‘evolutionary crossroads’.

What does this series of impending series mean to each of us, our families and communities? It may well mean limited or no electricity, limited or no food, limited or no fuel, the breakdown of the healthcare and banking systems, etc. While at a societal level it would be similar to the national emergencies and rationing of the Second World War to avoid a complete social breakdown.

Once we accept this reality, nothing can have a higher importance in terms of our family, community and national agendas and plans then preparing for and minimizing the level and effects of the collapses. A massive shift in individual and societal priorities is accordingly now most urgent.

It is of course the generations alive today who have received this challenge and opportunity. It is accordingly up to us to forge the path to a peaceful and sustainable future by co-creating a new world from the destruction of the old. And I believe that everything we think and do must now be filtered through this lens of reality.

We have to succeed in our great generational task as the alternative is truly unthinkable. The question we now collectively face is simple. “Will we be subject to continued domination by clueless elites in a deluded attempt to control people and planet to the greatest degree they can OR can we now come together in open communication, cooperation, and collaboration to address the escalating global systemic breakdowns and come through this period with a more peaceful and sustainable world, in other words a new world?”

For those who are already awake to the ‘big picture’ reality we face today please join with myself and many other like-minded colleagues in creating the vehicle I proposed in my recent blog series, being the “Human Futures Alliance.”  With our new tools for sharing information, communicating, and collaborating globally we can co-create the ‘online community for our future’ where the best ideas for preparing and implementing the actions needed to address the systemic breakdowns now underway, will be developed.. While at the same time designing the foundations for a New World – a peaceful and sustainable world – the shared dream of all humankind!

This Open Letter is both a plea and a call to action. I stand ready, willing and able to work diligently and tirelessly together for Humanity and our Future, and for all Life on Earth!

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Books for Further Reading:

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Blessings All,

David Woolfson

Toronto, Canada – May 13, 2013

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