Dedicated to the memory of original Canadian futurist Don Toppin, my first mentor.


Tomorrow Today – A Planetary Vision.  A TV program from the global event I produced for The Club of Budapest on March 20, 2001 with 25 Cities worldwide marking the first World Day of Planetary Consciousness. (World Day Media Release) Hosted by Sir Peter Ustinov & featuring The Dalai Lama, Ervin Laszlo, Peter Gabriel, Jane Goodall and many other leading global citizens. View Tomorrow Today on AERIEL Channel for a Better World.



One Earth, One World (written in 1998 to inspire a Global Anthem)

One Earth One World  Mp3 file (recorded for the Planetary Vision Festival 2001)

Score for Guitar by Dainis  (2001)










New Millennium Song  (1995)

The Year One  (1995)

A Song for the People  (2010)

These songs can be shared freely by any and all who wish to do so.



The Bridge  (1995)

The People  (1998)

The Cosmic Twins  (2008)

The Clarion Call Invocation  (2009)

Angels of Love and Light  (2012)

Masters of the 21st Century  (a response to today’s Dr. Strangelove’s who were enabled by 9/11)  (2003)



Barbara Marx Hubbard & Don Toppin – Toronto 1989

Don Toppin – Toronto 1997

Robert Muller – UN 1998

Israel 1999

Peter Gabriel – Toronto 2001

Peter Ustinov – Geneva 2001

Toronto 01/01/01

Tokyo 2005

Mikhail Gorbachev & “Uncle” – Tokyo 2005

Ervin Laszlo & Del Andison – Toronto 2006

Toronto 2006

Jane Goodall – Toronto 2009

Ervin Laszlo & Dana Amma Day – British Museum 09/09/09

Ervin Laszlo – Tuscany 2011

B & D - Dec. 22, 2012

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Los Angeles 12/22/12



Cosmic Eye

Temple of Light over Jerusalem

Cosmic Nursery

Cosmic Union

Cosmic Wheel






As Above so Below






Toronto Sunrise 03/20/01






Earth Heart

Brisbane Sunrise 03/20/01

We Share a Common Future

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  1. The Spiritual Era began in 2013

    Last December 21, 2012 we celebrated the arrival of the new global era in the Unity Church of Caguas Puerto Rico together with many other countries in the planet and representation of all churches of Unity on the island. Dr. Elba Rivera and the Rev. Norma Iris Rosado were the organizers. For these purposes, Dr. Evelyn Laureano-Osorio by divine inspiration prepared poster or graphic art sealing the celebration of the spirituality era in 2013 onwards. The poster is included on this page! A hug to all citizens of the people of the world. We say NO to written, verbal or physical violence from part of individuals or systems of Government!

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