The Bridge

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The Bridge

There once was a People who were at One with themselves

Nature and the Spirit of Life

The People lived in harmony for many years

One day, a leader arose from The People

The leader taught The People fear and hate

The People saw that they were not One

They could no longer hear each other


The People began to blame each other for their loss

The day came when one of The People struck down another

Spirit saw what The People had done and banished them to be separated and wander in a Wild Desert for an eternity

The People wandered in their Desert of fear and hate for countless millennia


After a long while The People acquired much knowledge but not yet wisdom

One day a Bridge appeared in the middle of their Wild Desert

A Bridge of brilliant Light and Color


The People began to have visions of old leaders

The ones who had led them to survive the dark millennia to the day that they could at last see The Bridge

The People came together with their leaders – old and new – before The Bridge

The People crossed The Bridge in hope to the unseen side that awaited them


When The People reached the other side they found Wisdom and Harmony

Then they knew that all their age-old dreams were finally possible


c David Woolfson, 1995

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  1. David – You have facilitated the building and transversing for so many of multiple bridges with all the ease and grace of a Lord Knight. Thank you for helping part the waves and for caring so greatly for first the safety and then the prosperity of our humanity.

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