"Each of us can now join together to co-create a peaceful, sustainable future and a new world from the collapse of the old. We can connect, communicate and collaborate!"

David Woolfson

About Me










I am a community-based lawyer in private practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and a ‘world futures actionist’ addressing the many unprecedented societal and ecological challenges and opportunities now before us. My focus is on new thinking and actions emphasizing ‘whole-system’ approaches and innovative solutions that blend social and technological innovation with the evolution of our consciousness. The objective is to help us together discover a path to a positive future at this most crucial time in human history.

Beginning in 1988, I have founded, co-initiated and played a major role in numerous global / local initiatives whose core mission is to work collaboratively with like-minded individuals, groups, organizations, and networks worldwide toward the co-creation of a peaceful, sustainable world and future for all. Many of these initiatives are listed in my About Me page.  Thank you for visiting my Blogsite.

Projects & Resources

Toward the Great Millennium  (1986)

Shaping the Great Millennium (1994)

The Great Millennium Campaign   (1995)

Six Principles for Our Future  (1995)

Robert Muller address – Empire Club of Toronto  (1995)

CoB Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness  (1996)

Millennium Council of Canada launch Toronto City Hall  (1997)

The Millennium Report (1998)

Life and Legacy of Don Toppin  (2000)

The Earth Charter  (2000)

UN Millennium Declaration  (2000)

Message from H. H. The Dalai Lama  (First World Day of Planetary Consciousness)  (2001)

The Global Foundation for Understanding  (2001)

World Wisdom Council Declaration  (2005)

World Wisdom Alliance Presentation  (2006)

Worldshift 2012 Declaration  (2009)

Worldshift 2012 Campaign  (Concept)

World Forum of Spiritual Culture Declaration  (2010)

Worldshift 20 Council Declaration   (2010)

Worldshift20 Council Declaration  (2011)

Worldshift20 Council Call  (2012)

PTV video from Worldshift 2012 Launch – British Museum London  (09/09/09)


Tomorrow Today – A Planetary Vision. TV program from the global event I produced for The Club of Budapest on March 20, 2001. People in 25 cities marked the 1st World Day of Planetary Consciousness. (World Day Media Release) Hosted by Sir Peter Ustinov &  featuring The Dalai Lama, Ervin Laszlo, Peter Gabriel, Jane Goodall and other leading global citizens. (View Tomorrow Today on AERIEL Channel for a Better World)